Freedom is a concept that most people think they experience in America but nothing is more free than setting sail on a distant shore! With the wind at your sails and the ability to go anywhere your heart desires without the distractions of cell phones, work, bills, traffic, clocks, etc. is liberation at its finest and probably one of the most adventurous trips you will ever take! Go back in time and travel the way people used to! Experience the Pirate in you and join us on our next sailing adventure!

On the first day – We flew in to New York City to meet the crew and join the boat. We were really excited about this amazing adventure that was supposed to be 7 days but ended up being a 12 day lifetime experience!

First order of business was to hit up the grocery store for provisions. We walked through the checkout isle with 4 shopping carts full of meat, veggies, fruit, canned goods, snacks and of course beer! The idea was to crack one open in celebration when we first see land and someone yells “Land Ho!” After getting our food for this long sailing adventure through the middle of the Atlantic, we gassed up, filled the fresh water tanks and outfitted the boat with everything else we needed. That night was the last chance we would have on land so we ate some amazing seafood at a famous local restaurant and had a few cold ones to cheers to our adventure!

Days at Sea – After we left NYC and motored through Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, we felt pretty liberated as we set course for St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands!

Out at sea we experience life on the edge! When you are 1500 nautical miles off shore, the only people to count on is your crew members and yourself. As we sailed further south to the Virgin Islands we experienced all the Northern Atlantic Ocean could throw at us! It was late October so if you haven’t watched the movie “The Perfect Storm”, you wouldn’t have known that this time of year is the worst weather and usually the highest seas.

We spent 3 days in a hurricane, took a rogue wave, lost power and GPS and got pushed around by 30ft. seas! If you haven’t sailed in blue water before, this trip would have made a true Salty out of anyone!

Land Ho! – On the 12th day without showers and after 40 mahi and 1 tuna caught, we made it safely to land despite all the weather. We sailed straight through the Bermuda Triangle and survived!

Sailing into the Sir Francis Drake Channel that flows through the center of the U.S. and British Virgin Islands was like heaven on earth! The beauty and history that surrounded these islands put the icing on the cake for this amazing sailing adventure! We decided to sail up to some secluded beaches and swim in the crystal blue waters. This was a treat after not showering! For the next 3 days we pulled into different coves and islands, met amazing sailors on their boats and experience the island life with some locals at all the tropical bars.

What an amazing trip!