Sedona, AZ has some of the world’s best mountain biking! It was if this place was predesigned with the mountain bike in mind. We set off to this red rock with the plan to ride some established single track working our way up to a great double black diamond locals trail called “Hangover Trail”.

Hangover Trail is not an established MTB trail but is a local favorite. Only the best and most daring riders attempt this trail. With single track winding in and around the red rock domes thousands of feet above the town and greater than 500 foot cliffs inches from your tires with a solid red wall on the other side of your tires, it can even make the bravest hearts skip a beat.

After a couple of rides, we conquered this epic trail on the last day. The first half of the loop is a lot of climbing and really burns the legs. We needed to stay hydrated and take our time because on top is where lack of energy and balance could lead to real trouble! We stopped to take some awesome pictures, hit some jumps that we creatively made up and met some hikers that thought we were crazy for riding this “hiking trail”. We did have to carry the bikes and scramble a few times and riding the entire trail is nearly impossible but it really added to the extreme feel of the ride.

After getting to the top and weaving between two peaks we hit this awesomely fast flowing downhill all the way back to the start. Amazingly this downhill half only took 20 to 30 min to get down when it took 4 hours to get up the mountain!

Stay tuned to our next guided mountain bike adventure and happy riding!