everglades-national-park-KayakingIf you haven’t been to Florida or if you have and only seen Disney World, you have to get out and experience the real Florida! Up until the last 100 years, Florida was land of oceans, beaches and swamp. Dry land was minimal and European Explorers historically avoided most of Florida’s Everglades, and for good reason. This land, although warm, is not hospitable to those that like to vacation at the Ritz.

The Florida Everglades are 2 million acres of tropical wetlands that house more wildlife than just about any other place on earth. The unique environment provides ample opportunities to fish, hunt and view rare species like the American Crocodile! Also, within these swamps are manatees, alligators, unique birds, giant snakes and salt water marine life in the Florida Bay.

Get your thirst for adventure and survival and go where early explorers were reluctant to venture!



We offer 5 and 7 day paddle adventures through Everglades National Park. We will take off on the first day with no plan other than to explore! We will be camping on designated campgrounds throughout the park, many of which are remote islands and chickees. (see picture)

Florida Everglades Camping

We will be fishing for our own food, exploring remote mangrove tunnels and islands, camping under the stars, watching some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises and viewing wildlife like you’ve never seen before! Crocodiles are not guaranteed but you could be a lucky one!

Florida Crocodile



Board shorts (swimming trunks), towel, dry bag, close toed shoes/water shoes, sleeping bag, sandals for walking around, personal items, extra dry clothes for nights, a long sleeve shirt, jacket (or similar), sunblock and whatever else you may need. We will provide the kayaks, paddles, PFDs, breakfast and dinner on the water, fishing gear, tents.